Our glass and metal structures are meticulously crafted by certified artisans who take pride in their work, ensuring high quality and attention to detail.


Custom-made glass and metal structures are created at the Ceolin workshops. These structures embody a strong and beautiful fusion of science and craftsmanship, bringing the concept of tailoring to hard materials. Our production processes and techniques are certified to international standards, ensuring the highest levels of safety. Our specialists work independently and transparently wherever their expertise is required.

At our Metal Tailoring Workshop, our process is built on a solid design phase that includes measurements, scans, and 3D surveys of locations and products. This is followed by creating structural drawings and CAD/CAM designs, crafting a design mockup, and developing scale models.

Our customers benefit from industry best practices during the creative phase and from a rigorous engineering approach during technological implementation. We maintain complete control over the final result of the work, whether it’s a large-scale project like a warehouse, mass-produced items such as street lamps, delicate bespoke historical restoration in wrought iron, or exciting artistic works created for large natural arenas.


Our metalworkers are both artists and engineers. They craft fascinating facades with sturdy steel and iron windows. Elaborate railings protect luxurious glass staircases leading up to stunning skylights. Almost invisible structures bring light to elegant mezzanines and historic balustrades.

Construction is our expertise. We design and manufacture a wide range of metalwork, both functional and aesthetic, for use in buildings.

This includes ventilated facades with fixtures, doors, and windows, including armoured ones. Our products are used in various settings, such as hotels, banks, museums, churches, private villas, and public spaces like train stations, government buildings, and foundations.

We also work on public open spaces, such as cemeteries, roundabouts, and lookouts. Our services include carpentry work and medium-sized productions like street lamps, gates, poles, sculptures, tables, and religious statues.

Our architectural skills and tailoring approach have garnered significant recognition in the luxury construction industry. As a result, Ceolin is frequently commissioned to design exhibition spaces, shops, and both permanent and temporary retail structures for renowned global fashion and hotel brands.
We have efficiently designed, produced, and installed our projects across Europe for prestigious brands with outstanding quality.


Once upon a time, blacksmithing, like tailoring, was a workshop job where skills were passed down from older colleagues. Knowledge was shared through apprenticeships, perpetuating from generation to generation.

Today, this is no longer the case—or at least, not the only case. Our locksmiths in the workshop all have industrial certifications acquired through months and years of preliminary and continuous on-the-job training provided by certified training bodies. The “secrets of the trade” are only passed down when the knowledge base is adequate, which makes Ceolin blacksmiths extraordinary metal tailors.
Our attention to the quality of our work enables us to create structures with guaranteed quality, regularly certified by our engineering team according to well-established international standards.

We focus on training as our top priority. We guide each trainee through a development and training program until they acquire all the certifications that match their technical skills with those of their more experienced colleagues. These colleagues have also received training and certifications over the years to stay updated on all the technological advancements related to materials and manufacturing processes.

Because we prioritise quality, we ensure that all processes, such as milling, calendaring, painting, welding, forging, folding, and advanced mechanical processing, are carried out in-house.
The only exception is galvanisation, which is done by a trusted partner specialising in this process and ensuring quality standards equivalent to ours. This partner has the appropriate space and machinery for this particular process.


We provide a comprehensive range of industry certifications for our services. Our offerings include surveys conducted with 3D scanners, technical studies for 3D CAD/CAM executive design, and the rapid prototyping of life-size models using real materials. Additionally, we perform structural checks for safety and integrity, handle production and assembly, and provide after-sales service.

Our services extend to architects, engineers, and designers, and we help bring their visions to life. Our metal cores can be finished in various materials such as glass, concrete, marble, or others, allowing us to fulfil even the most ambitious projects.Our team consists of dedicated and talented individuals who are committed to ensuring the success of each project and the overall quality of the result.

Architecture is our natural habitat. We plan, design, and create all types of metal structures, such as fixtures, ventilated facades, doors, gates, attics, roofs, stairs, skylights, and all metalworks that grace both public and private structures. These structures include shops, banks, museums, villas, stations, hotels, boutiques, airports, municipal buildings, and artistic and cultural foundations, and are always complemented by all requisite certifications.


Before installation, each of our pieces undergoes a thorough inspection in our workshop to ensure that the aesthetic, structural, and functional aspects are up to standard.

We work with various metals, including iron, steel, bronze, corten, and other high-quality materials. Our wide range of processes includes milling, bending, painting, welding forging, shaping, and mechanical processing.