Choosing a Ceolin product means choosing high quality and safety.
Our artisan company’s components are certified according to the latest international standards in their respective sectors of use.
Ceolin creations are the result of production processes that are controlled and certified according to the most established international standards for the quality of design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of metal works. This is achieved by complying with the TUV-certified ISO 9001 standard for Ceolin.

The steel and aluminium construction components used by Ceolin are in compliance with the UNI EN 1090-1 standard for structural elements.

Additionally, all construction elements produced by Ceolin adhere to the REI UNI EN 1634-1 fire regulations for Resistance, Airtightness and Insulation.

By choosing Ceolin, you can be assured that both small and large construction projects will meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

EN 9001 standard

Certificate no.: 50-100-12310

Our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes for metal works are
certified to the highest international quality standards.

EN 1090-1 standard

Certificate no: 0948-CPR -0134 Rev.01

Our steel and aluminium work meets all the requirements for structural components,
allowing it to be used lawfully in construction.

BS EN 1634-1 standard

The metal elements we manufacture for construction come with REI certifications and
contribute to the structure’s Fire Protection Certificate.